Françoise Vanhecke


Vocal Artist - Actress - Pianist - Improvisation - Composer - Researcher


To read more about Françoises new inhaling singing technique, please visit the website.

Inhaling singing: Françoise Vanhecke at TEDxGhent
Watch directly the YouTube Video
or have a look at TEDx Ghent: From 12’15’’ till the end about Inhaling Singing by Françoise Vanhecke ®

Read an article on Françoise's research. This was published in the local newspapaer "Krant van West-Vlaanderen" on April 4th, 2014.

February 27, 2014: performance lecture by Françoise about her PhD research on the occasion of the Research Seminar MaNaMa for the School of Arts / conservatorium Ghent.
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July 2013: Françoise Vanhecke lectures on her new inhaling singing technique (ISFV) at the 8th International Congress of Voice Teachters (ICVT) in Brisbane. Click here to read Françoises personal story.

Françoise Vanhecke shows her inhaling singing technique at IPEM 50.

Françoise Vanhecke performs her inhaling singing technique at TEDx Ghent 2013

Françoise Vanhecke at TEDx Ghent 2013 Françoise Vanhecke at TEDx Ghent 2013 Françoise Vanhecke at TEDx Ghent 2013

June 22nd 2013: Françoise Vanhecke shows her Inhaling Singing Technique at TEDx Ghent 2013.
Read more on Fançoises Lecture at TEDx Ghent 2013.

Françoise Vanhecke participated at PEVOC 2013 in Prague.

Contact: +32 (0)475 64 41 07

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