Françoise Vanhecke


Vocal Artist - Actress - Pianist - Improvisation - Composer - Researcher



Vyacheslav Rozhnovsky, Russian composer

From the first moments of singing her voice - clear and bright, but at the same time full and steady within the wholecompass - attracted attention of the audience. As she was singing the audience was becoming more and more impressed by her skilful and confident control of thin gradations of expressiveness – from the tender lyric (butwithout sentimentality) till sharp dramatic and tragic effect.
But for all that – there was blameless accuracy of intoning, even in sudden change of voice, typical for contemporarymusic. Her technique was invisible and natural, because of the complete domination of her inspired image involving which excited the audience by absorbing into the depth of psychological state.

CRITICS N.Y. IMPACTO - Observatorio Cultural, Peter Bloch

Il y a peu de cantatrices qui s'accompagnent au piano dans un concert public. La soprano belge Françoise Vanhecke ose le faire et le fait à manière de maître. Ella a une voix phénoménale avec une étendue étonnante, une technique vocale et un sens de l'humour. Françoise Vanhecke fut présentée dans une série "Oeuvres de Femmes" à Greenwich House Music School et fortement applaudie dans son concert vraiment extraordinaire. Mais tout le programma était fascinant. Un événement musical supérieur.

Review of our NYWC/GHA 3-concert series WOMEN'S WORK from February 2004 - International Association of Women in Music Journal, Mark Greenfest Conoisseur in New York

Ms. Vanhecke is an amazing performer.This singer's sophisticated vocal inflections brought out the dramatic shadings and moods. Bird" was the It was purrfect.

Mauricio Kagel

Ich finde Ihre Arbeit interessant und mit reichhaltigen Bezügen zu anderen Disziplinen.
Für die Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Kompositionen wünsche ich Ihnen viel Erfindungsgeist und Erfolg.

Vyacheslav Rozhnovsky, Russian composer

It is a pleasure to say that performers such as Françoise Vanhecke are very close, congenial to Russian audience due to their spirit nature and level of interpretation. This is not very often phenomenon for artists from abroad.


"Ces protagonists déploient tout l’éventail deu parlé au chanté: à Solange (l’excellente soprano Françoise Vanhecke) sont dévolus les élans les plus lyriques comme la mélodie de Debussy sur un poème de Paul Bourget Beau soir..."

Het Laatste Nieuws

"C’était en tout cas une performance inoubliable pour Françoise Vanhecke au Théâtre National de la Monnaie. Elle lie la plus haute intelligence musicale à l’intuition parfait. A l’opéra elle a finalement réussi à changer comme par enchantement l’acte de bravoure sentimentale-romantiqu en musicalité captivante légère et ironiquement tender. Acclamation du public."

Het Volk

"Satie... Sobre, clair, conté en parlant, spontané et avec beaucoup d’intérêts pour le texte. L’interprétation, les accents et la dynamique. Interprété brillamment, d’une façon captivante avec de la musique étincelante qui parle d’elle-même"

Gazet van Antwerpen

"Interprétée par les 20 instruments à cordes et les 12 instruments à vnt qui ne sont vraiment pas une 'bande', la musique de Rameau est vivante, étincelante, courtoise et charmante – une jouissance à écouter. Les solistes ont aussi apporté leur contribution au résultat final très remarquable. La voix de françoise Vanhecke a été intégrée d’une façon noble dans une illustration sonore stylistique et vraisemblablement établie par Gustav Leonhardt."


"Françoise Vanhecke, un regal"

George Crumb, Composer

I enjoyed very much your performance of my Madrigals.
Your idiom in the Bossy album is highty entertaining (I very much like the mixing of many different styles !)
I hope that you might do some more of my music one day – I think your voice works beautifully for my idiom.

Dimitri Terzakis

Sie singen HIMMLICH, Sie gehören zu den Interpreten, die tief in meine Sele lesen können. Die Molodien sind geschmeidig, ausdruckvoll, elegant. Herlichen Dank! Es freut mich so eine hervorragende Interpretin zu haben.

Guilherme Vaz, composer and artist Brazil

The first time I heard Françoise Vanhecke, I had the 'feeling', suddenly, that I was in front of a great artist.
Those feelings are unexplainable, we just get them. We have them, get involved by them…

Joyce Hope Suskind, composer- voice teacher USA / member NATS

She is an excellent and versatile singer, and a highly skilled and engaging performer. She has a good command of English and knows how to win over an audience.

Ugo Sforza, composer Italy

Françoise Vanhecke has the appearance and the characteristics of the great artist, really able to performance everything and to change and mix total technique all of a sudden, for a brilliant and lovely sure interpretation.

Volodymyr Runchak, composer Ukraine

Over and over again I thank you for the beautiful performance of my music, for your fantastic professionalism and mastery. It is a great honor for me that you perform my music!

Not long ago I heard your performance of my “Prayer” on YouTube. It was tremendous how you, in a half a day, in a foreign country, without the composer, could learn and perform my work at such a high level. That’s a huge talent and incredible mastery!

I watched the You Tube of your performance of my works, The Prayer, Ave Maria, at the Dutch concert. Beautiful! I simply cannot express my delight! I thank God that I have such interpretations of my music. It is just as I intended, maybe even better. I am ever grateful for your good approach to my music.

Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz (Composer)

Concert 25 februari 2004, “Women’s Work” - Greenwich House Arts & NY Women Composers, Inc. - New York
Concert in New York City
There is no greater joy for a composer than to hear her work performed by a gifted artist such as Francoise Vanhecke whose superlative technique and musical interpretation of "Grass" has brought my music and the poetry of Carl Sandburg to life!

Elizabeth Austin (Composer)

Greetings to a real artist!
Dear Francoise,
I am sending you some more music today, a rainy, cold day in Connecticut! I want to thank you again for including my songs in your programming- only through your artistry and musicianship do these pieces come alive!
As ever,

Alain Van Kerckhoven (Cebedem, New Consonant Music)

Etincelante Un torrent d’admiration et d’amitié pour l’une des artistes les plus libres, vivantes et inspirées. Beaucoup de vie dans l’art, beaucoup d’art dans la vie.

Nico Declercq , Universiteit Gent

This is ART !!
Dear Françoise,
In architecture there are people who are able to create a cathedral and to build it. However there are also people like Gaudi who consider construction itself as obvious achievements and therefore self-evident skills, but have the courage and the talent to make artistic constructions, instead of ‘just’ constructions. That is also what you do, you are not just a singer or a performer, but you have the talent and the courage to use your ability and transform your skills into a real piece of art. Sometimes it sounds like modern art, sometimes it's really abstract and when necessary you bring classical art as well.
Keep on Walking!

Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz, composer USA

Not only is she a gifted singer, pianist, composer, and teacher but her dramatic abilities and imaginative programs enable her to enchant her audiences and take them to another dimension.
As a retired college instructor of music, member of the International Alliance for Women in Music, and the New York Women Composers, I was among the many concert goers in New York City who enjoyed her program immensely, as other audiences have and will throughout the world.
Françoise is truly a remarkable woman whose artistry take on a unique character all its own!

Tom Johnson

I listened again this evening and it was a pleasure to hear your strong dramatic voice in this varied repertoire. I also appreciate your ability to sing unaccompanied songs.

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