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Françoise Vanhecke in a show with Nina Siniakova

"Putting a concert program together - it's like making a nice plate pour manger. I put some peppers, some sides, some spices - it's like creating a painting"

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke, a famed Belgian singer, actress, pianist, also known as Irma Bilbao as a composer joins host Nina Siniakova to share her thoughts on life as a contemporary performer. This episode was filmed at Wouter De Bruycker Art Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium in October 2023.

Special thanks to Mr. De Bruycker. With use of music by members of New York Women-Composers:

  • Stefania de Kennessey, "In Bed with Fred"
  • Svjetlana Bukvich, "Tattoo"
  • Niloufar Noukbarkhsh, "Window"
  • Nina Siniakova, "Of Dreams and Clouds"

YouTube: "Between Us" with Nina Siniakova. Featuring Françoise Vanhecke.

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YouTube Recommended: Covid 19-Coronasong 2020 for voice and piano (acoustic version)
Recommended: Covid 19- Coronasong 2020 for voice and orchestra (orchestral version)

Audio Fragments
  • Soloperformance PhD concert of Françoise Vanhecke at Logosfoundation the 21st of June 2017.
    Audio: SPIRTO 5 by Irma Bilbao (for voice, piano, tape, robots (SO, Bug Chimes), oceandrum and "Patchwork”choirwork in mono recording and excerpt of Silent Majesty by Aeoliah & Rowland
    text: William Blake & Irma Bilbao
  • Performance of 2 December 2017 / Concertstudio of the Conservatorium Kortrijk (Flanders), "Only Darkness and Shadows" (2015) by Wim Henderickx.
    • Soliste: Françoise Vanhecke
    • Fluit: Liesl Vanoverberghe
    • Hobo: Anouk Vandenbussche
    • Klarinet: Sem Raes / Marthe De Moor
    • Hoorn: Bram Vanoverberghe
    • Fagot: Naomi Dehaeghel
    • Piano: Marie-Noëlle Damien
    • Viool: Simon Schotte
    • Altviool: Annemie Vercauteren
    • Cello: Frederic Van Assche
    • Contrabas: Isabelle Brys
    • Dirigent: Erik Desimpelaere

Music Videos

Covid 19-Coronasong: 2020 for voice and piano: (acoustic version)
Covid 19-Coronasong: 2020 for voice and orchestra: (orchestral version)

Party 10 year doctoral schools: Françoise Vanhecke sings "Je ne regrette rien", with the Ghent University Jazz Combo-The Blandinos.

Video ICVT-Song: ICVT-Song (sing-along song (or solo-song). T & Music by Françoise Vanhecke (alias IRMA BILBAO) written for the Closing Ceremony of the ICVT (International Congress of Voice Teachers) 2017 in Stockholm/Sweden and played by the Composer herself at the Kungasalem, KHM for the Closing Ceremony on 6th of August 2017.

Performance of BASTA DIVA.

Dutch Version
French Version

Some videos of Françoise performing in the Acamoda fashion show.


TEDX Ghent

Françoise Vanhecke-Inhaling Singing



Commercial video for Devos-Lemmens (flashmob).
Dutch Version
French Version

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