Françoise Vanhecke


Vocal Artist - Actress - Pianist - Improvisation - Composer - Researcher


Music Videos

Video ICVT-Song: ICVT-Song (sing-along song (or solo-song). T & Music by Françoise Vanhecke (alias IRMA BILBAO) written for the Closing Ceremony of the ICVT (International Congress of Voice Teachers) 2017 in Stockholm/Sweden and played by the Composer herself at the Kungasalem, KHM for the Closing Ceremony on 6th of August 2017.

Performance of BASTA DIVA.

Dutch Version
French Version

Some videos of Françoise performing in the Acamoda fashion show.


TEDX Ghent

Françoise Vanhecke-Inhaling Singing



Commercial video for Devos-Lemmens (flashmob).
Dutch Version
French Version

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